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5 Axis CNC Machining Impeller Multiple Processing Methods

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Generally speaking, 5 axis cnc machining can use a variety of processing strategies to rough and finish the impeller. Users can choose different roughing strategies and cutting methods according to the requirements of the processing technology, which is very flexible and easy to use. For more information about five-axis machining impellers, one of the leading cnc manufacturing companies, MYT will introduce to you.

The rough machining of the impeller and runner is not good for the five-axis impeller processing side, because the amount to be removed is too large, the five-axis linkage processing impeller is inefficient, the processing time is long, and the machine wear is large. Blades and wheels should be rough machined with three-axis method, and then finished with five-axis linkage method.

5 axis cnc machining The 3 axis of the impeller is oriented in a directional way, which constantly changes the angle of the current view. Depending on the degree of blade twist and the number of blades, use as few procedures as possible to remove the margin. The cutting mode selection in milling rough machining follows the surroundings. The difference of the tool path when choosing to follow the surroundings and parts. When selecting follow parts, there are many tool paths and a long program, but it can basically be cut. -Some researchers believe that due to the larger diameter of the tool selected in the first roughing program and the larger margin of fillet at the root of the blade, subsequent programs need to be modified, so there is no need to cut very cleanly in the first program.






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