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Discussion on CNC Machining Technology and Fixture Design

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1. Overview of CNC machining process

(1) Overview of CNC machining process

The related process of CNC machining is basically the same as the steps of the traditional CNC machining process. The process of CNC machining is mainly to analyze the relevant structure of the part in advance, then determine the external structure of the blank accordingly, and finally use the CNC machining technology to optimize the design of the machining process and fill in the relevant process documents. In the process of CNC machining, the main application is automated management, so the entire process is controlled by the computer remotely. CNC machining has stricter requirements on the accuracy and practicability of fixture design. This is also the way of CNC machining and traditional machining. The biggest difference.

(2) Overview of the principles of CNC machining

When the staff determine the relevant plan of numerical control, they often have to formulate it in combination with actual work, basically focusing on several principles of data processing. In the principle of data processing, the most common method used by the staff is the processing method from far to near. By using the processing method from far to near, the processing frequency of short tools can be effectively reduced, and the processing performance can be improved accordingly. In the process of CNC machining, the staff often follow the stable machining principle. The principle of stable processing requires that after determining whether the fixture can be used stably, the number of processing procedures must be reduced accordingly. Since the automation equipment used in the CNC machining process is prone to benchmark deviation, the stability is adopted. The processing principle is very necessary.

Second, the selection and use of CNC fixtures

Choosing high-quality CNC machining fixtures can effectively shorten the operation time, and the force on the auxiliary operation will be correspondingly increased. By choosing high-quality CNC fixtures, the quality and accuracy of CNC machining can be improved to a large extent. When selecting the corresponding fixture, the staff should pay attention to whether the size of the fixture and the machine tool is suitable and whether it matches the size of the part processing to ensure the safety in the CNC machining process. In addition, the staff must fully consider the compactness of the fixture when selecting the fixture to prevent the quality of the fixture from failing to pass.




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