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The role and characteristics of CNC machining and manufacturing technology for mechanical molds

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1 Effectively improve mold productivity

CNC machining technology can give play to its own high degree of automation advantages in the field of mechanical mold manufacturing. Compared with traditional mechanical mold manufacturing mode, CNC technology has shown higher accuracy characteristics in the field of mechanical mold processing. Improve the accuracy of parts processed by mechanical molds. In CNC machining technology, microcomputers and digital information control panels are mainly used. As an operation center, this technology can continuously improve the production efficiency in the production of mechanical molds, especially the application of the above technologies in the cutting and manufacturing technology of parts, which can reduce Errors and deviations that may be caused by manual production operations.

2 Reduce the cost of production

The use of CNC control technology in the process of mechanical mold manufacturing can give full play to the advantages of high automation, which is mainly reflected in the production process without manual operations, which can save production costs and improve the efficiency of human resources utilization. Mechanical mold production enterprises improve economic efficiency. On the other hand, CNC control and processing technology can reduce the difficulty of manual operation during the production process. In the traditional mechanical mold manufacturing process, the production of products requires many different types of molds, which leads to more cumbersome production steps and at the same time In the early stage of the founding of New China, industrial production technology was not well developed, and the production of mechanical molds often required manpower cutting manufacturing technology. For general mechanical molds, this manufacturing method can still cope with it. However, with the development of the times, people's requirements for the production of mechanical molds are constantly increasing, and the production of refined molds is beginning to be required, and the complexity of parts is also continuously increasing. The traditional production technology of manual cutting cannot achieve the accuracy of quality control. Requirements, in the process of production operations, it is easy to cause uncontrollable problems due to manual errors.




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