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Cnc Machining Parts

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Cnc Machining Parts

The range of CNC machine tools is very wide and can cover all processing fields. Even the relatively new "3D printers" currently use CNC technology. According to this line of thinking, there is nothing that cannot be handled.

If the CNC machine tool here refers to a cutting CNC machine tool, you can judge which parts can be machined according to the principle of metal cutting. The range of parts that can be processed is also very wide.

There are many types of CNC machine tools. Certain CNC machine tools are usually unable to process parts from blank to finished product.

The prerequisite for discussing which parts the CNC machine is mainly used for processing is to know which parts can be processed by ordinary machine tools and to be familiar with various processes.

The classification of CNC machining parts is introduced below.u=2476601682,940934551&fm=26&gp=0

1. All kinds of small and medium batch parts. With the gradual decline in the manufacturing cost of CNC machine tools, nowadays, whether it is domestic or foreign, processing a large number of parts has also appeared. When dealing with small batches and single piece production, it can also shorten the debugging time of the program and the preparation time of the tooling.

2. The parts require high precision. Because CNC machine tools have good rigidity, high manufacturing accuracy, precise tool settings and convenient size compensation, it can process parts with high dimensional accuracy.

3. Parts with small surface roughness values. When the material of the workpiece and the tool, the finishing allowance and the tool angle are determined, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed rate. The speed of ordinary machine tools is constant, and the cutting speed of different diameters is also different. For example, CNC lathes have the function of cutting at a constant linear speed. When rotating alligator shears with different end faces and diameters, the same linear speed can be used to ensure that the surface roughness value is small and consistent. When processing surfaces with different surface roughnesses, choose a smaller feed rate for a surface with a small roughness, and choose a larger feed rate for a surface with a larger roughness. The variability is very good, which is difficult to achieve on ordinary machine tools.

4. Parts with complex contour shapes. Any plane curve can be approximated by a straight line or a circular arc. The CNC machine tool has arc interpolation function and can process various parts with complex contours.

5. Expensive parts. Although the output of these parts is not large, if they are scrapped due to processing errors, it will cause huge economic losses.


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