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Custom Tube Bending Processing Requirements And Wide Application

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In practice, there are many different bending processes for custom tube bending. After starting from different perspectives, products can be effectively classified into many different categories. In engineering, they are often classified according to whether the bend is heated or not. There are two types of cold bending and even hot bending.

Custom tube welding can be effectively divided into cored bends and centerless bends according to its different bends during processing. Stainless steel tube bending is relatively thin, and stainless steel is in the process of bending. The methods used are all cold bending methods.

Tube bending services are widely used in various industries. Products in air conditioners, refrigerators, automobile oil circuits, heat exchangers, aerospace, etc. are inseparable from the use of stainless steel pipes. Bending pipes are very important in pipeline installation projects. One of the commonly used pipe fittings.

Bending pipe processing mainly uses its touch screen and numerical control module to play and shut down. It effectively uses its dialogue method. The product adopts program settings. It is very simple and easy to use in the process of use. The bed of the entire equipment The body structure is very stable and not easily deformed.

Each file on the pipe bender can effectively set the angle of sixteen bends, and its memory can effectively store sixteen groups of files. It can be used according to its slow speed positioning function. The angle of the bend is It can't be messy, the repeatability can reach plus or minus zero point one degree.





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