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The Impact Of Quality Problems In Raw Materials On Custom Tube Bending

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The scope of custom tube bending is very extensive, so the quality requirements of the bending tube will be higher and higher, because it will directly affect our safety and health, so the bending tube appears in the processing aspect. What defects will directly affect its use?

1. The poor quality elbow does not have the light of metal, and it mainly shows the light red color or the color of pig iron. The main factors are two points: first, the billet belongs to the adobe; secondly, the rolling temperature requirement is lower. If these two situations occur, the performance of the bent pipe after processing is completely below the standard.

2. The cross section of the elbow is relatively thin, also because the quality of the raw materials is relatively poor, and the phenomenon of dissatisfaction often occurs, mainly because the standard requirements are not met, and the reduction amount is too large during the manufacturing and production process As a result, the positive iron type is too small, which leads to the phenomenon of insufficient filling of the hole type.

3. If the cross section of the elbow is elliptical, it is also because the quality of the elbow is not up to standard. It is basically caused by cutting corners on the raw materials when the tube bending company is in production. During the second pressing, serious undesirable phenomena occur, and serious defects often appear at the cutting end.

4. If the elbow itself is uneven, it may be because the cold shearing machine fails during cutting, which leads to inconsistencies in the end face of the cutting head, and because the quality of the raw materials is relatively poor, the elbow will eventually appear in the manufacturing and production process. Phenomena such as defects and defects.

When we install the elbow, we can directly connect it to the pipeline of the device, and determine the installation situation according to the main position of use. Normally, it can be installed in any pipeline position, but because of the need It is operated and tested, so it should be installed in a more conspicuous position for easy maintenance and operation.





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