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What is precision CNC machining ?

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CNC machining refers to a process of machining parts on a numerically controlled machine tool. It is a mechanical machining method that uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and tools. It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable parts, small batch size, complex shape and high precision, and to achieve high efficiency and automatic processing.


Precision CNC machining refers to the parts to be machined. After CNC machining, it obtains more precise dimensional tolerances, usually around 0.002-0.01mm. This requires correct processing equipment, no matter the precision or size, the fixtures and the overall processing process must be designed to be more accurate and reasonable.

Features of Precision CNC machining

At the beginning, Precision CNC machine tools selected aircraft parts with complex profiles as machining targets, solving the key problem that ordinary machining methods are difficult to solve.

The biggest feature of precision CNC machining is the use of perforated tape (or tape) to control the machine for automatic machining. Because aircraft, rockets and engine parts have different characteristics: aircraft and rockets are zero, the components are large in size and complex in profile; the engine is zero, the components are small in size and high in precision.




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