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Which 5 axis machining center is good?

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Which 5 axis machining center is good?


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With the gradual maturity of domestic CNC technology, 5 axis cnc linkage CNC machining centers have been more and more widely used in various fields in recent years. In practical applications, whenever people encounter problems with high-efficiency and high-quality processing of special-shaped complex parts, five-axis linkage technology is undoubtedly an important means to solve such problems.u=1702159234,1646564013&fm=26&gp=0 

In recent years, with the vigorous development of my country's aerospace, military industry, auto parts and mold manufacturing industries, more and more manufacturers tend to look for five-axis equipment to meet high-efficiency and high-quality processing.


But, do you really know enough about five-axis machining? Please follow the footsteps of the editor to enter the world of five-axis machining.


What is the difference between 3-axis and 5-axis?

Three-axis machining is processed by linear feed axes X, Y, and Z.


5 axis cnc machining consists of linear interpolation movement of feed axes X, Y, Z and any 5 axes of X, Y, Z rotation axes A, B, and C.


Different processing characteristics

3-axis machining: The direction of the cutting tool remains unchanged during the movement along the entire cutting path. The cutting state of the tool tip cannot be perfect in real time.


5 axis cnc machining: The tool direction can be optimized during the movement along the entire path, and the tool can move linearly. In this way, the best cutting condition can be maintained on the entire path.




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