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Your Metal Tube Bending Company - MYT

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With MYT's tube bending services, take your OEM applications to a new level. MYT is the industry's leading tube bending company, specializing in the production of traditional and custom shapes for challenging applications.

When you need to bend the metal pipe correctly and it must be done quickly, there is no better choice than MYT. With decades of experience, we use computer digital control equipment to provide high-quality pipe products bent to precise tolerances on time at a competitive price. Our specialty is the precision bending of the following tube types.



D shape


Flat oval


Custom shape

CNC tube bending is an automated process that eliminates trial and error. CNC pipe bending not only guarantees the high quality of the product, but also can achieve the same result repeatedly.

The bending radius can be set to fit the necessary specifications, and you can rely on our machines to bend accurately every time the pipe passes through them. The pipes are then inspected by technicians, thereby reducing labor costs for your project.

MYT tube bending company knows that bends must be precise and no error is allowed. We have extensive experience in providing custom tube bending parts for customers in a range of business areas.

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We focus on manufacturing high tolerance parts with different alloy materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel etc.At the meantime, MYT offer various surface treatment including anodizing.
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